Maine Mead Works' Ram Island series is our line of 6.9% ABV session meads. On tap at local bars around New England and available in 500mL bottles, these are lightly carbonated, blended meads made from favorite house recipes.

Lavender Lemonade - Originating as a HoneyMaker cocktail, this is a blend of mead and a house-made lemonade, infused with lavender and mint.

Iced Tea Mead - A family sweet tea recipe made from black tea, fresh-squeezed lemons, mint and honey.

Ginger Mead  (Spring) - A blend of mead and black tea, steeped with fresh ginger and honey to provide a perfect balance of spice and sweetness.

Chai Mead (Fall/Winter) - Maine's Chai Wallahs unique blend of spices, including strong notes of cinnamon, ginger, caradamom and clove, nicely compliment our wildflower honey mead.