Our mead starts from a base recipe of wildflower honey and water, fermented from a wild strain of South African yeast. All of our HoneyMaker products are 12.5%ABV, gluten-free and Star-K kosher certified. Incredibly versatile, it can be used in cooking, cocktails or for glass pours. Below is a full list of our classic and seasonal products. For favorite cocktail recipes, click here.


Dry - The ultimate modern mead. Aged with oak chips, hints of wildflower nectar, balanced acidity and a crisp finish.

Blueberry - Approximately 250lbs of low-bush, wild Maine blueberries fermented into every 300-gallon batch of mead. A refreshing artisanal rosé alternative.

Semi Sweet - Dry mead backsweetened with unfermented wildflower honey. Our take on a traditional mead.

Lavender - Dry mead infused with locally grown varieties of English lavender. Fruity notes of citrus and coconut.


Hopped (Spring) - Steeped with whole-leaf cascade hops, this mead’s herbal qualities are earthy with a grapefruit finish.

Strawberry (Summer) - True to our dry style, this mead is infused with approximately one pound of sun-ripened Maine to every gallon of mead.

Apple Cyser (Fall) - Batch fermented, this seasonal mead uses champagne-style yeast. Understated aromas of honey and wildflowers compliment the tartness of cider-pressed Maine McIntosh apples.                   

Cranberry (Fall) - Late season local cranberries impart notes of dark cherries for a festive, holiday mead.